It all started when the crew of the merchant vessel March Harrier befriended the wolf-like alien Vargr in the underground city of Leedor on Aramis. They have no reason to suspect that they are beginning a quest for the secret of a jeweled alien ornament … a quest that will take them to an asteroid mining settlement, to frontier trading stations, and to dozens of exotic worlds. But the ornament is intended for more then mere decoration and the adventuring crew is soon marked by the extra-legal security apparatus of the giant Tukera Lines megacorporation. The crew and their Vargr companion need every skill at their disposal to discover the true secret of the ornament.

During their many adventures, the crew managed to upgrade their ship to one with much “longer legs”, the Lepus class ship Impala.

After that story came to a conclusion, the riddle of the ornament got solved, and the Vargr Gvoudzon took his leave, the crew went on a trip to Darrian to upgrade their vessel (and themselves). On the way, messages arrived that the long-smoldering conflict between the Zhodani Consulate and the Imperium had heated up, and war had erupted.

So, it was decided that the Impala would look for adventure and fortune outside the Imperium.

Into The Outrim Void


The Outrim Void

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